Vic Gabany

Vic was born in West Virginia and grew up with a love of the region's music.  After being stationed at McClellan Airfield in Sacramento, CA., with the U.S. Air Force from 1963 – 1967, Vic and his wife Sue moved to Tennessee to raise a family and make a life.  Vic found his niche in country music, continuing to provide service in his quiet, professional manner, to some of the greatest musicians in history over the years, as noted above.  

From 1971 – 1976, Vic was a recording engineer at the famed Bradley’s Barn, including all the artists on the Decca/MCA Country roster.  Outside the studio, Vic recorded 25 years of remote performances by comedian Jerry Clower from 1973 – 1998.


 Since 1971, he had taught sound recording at McGavock High School in Nashville, and continued to do so at Hillsboro High School until 2003.


Vic had a job at the Grand Ole Opry as sound engineer for 23 years - from 1976 – 1999

Not only did Vic have a stage side seat to ALL the Grand Ole Opry performances, he was Bill Monroe’s recording engineer for 21 years, from 1971 – 1992; Bill Monroe’s recording producer for 3 years, 1993 – 1996; Jimmy Martin’s recording engineer for 4 years, 1996 – 2000; Jimmy Martin’s recording producer 5 years,  2001 – 2005; and produced a syndicated weekly traditional country interview show with Grant Turner for 4 years, 1987 – 1991. 


(2020) Vic is now managing emerging 17 year old artist Brayden Williamson, they both have many future career plans together including tie-ins with unreleased Bill Monroe projects and originals by Brayden planning to keep tradition…

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