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Vic Gabany


Vic Gabany was born in 1944 in Logan, WV and grew up there through high school. Here is

where he developed an early love for traditional country and traditional bluegrass music. In

1971 after 4 years in the Air Force trained in Electronics and then graduating college at

Sacramento State University in northern California in Electronics, he and his wife moved to

Nashville, Tennessee. It was his strong ambition to work as a Recording Engineer in a Nashville

recording studio. It wasn't long before Owen Bradley hired him as a Recording Engineer at his

famed recording studio, Bradley's Barn.

At the time, Owen Bradley was the head of Nashville's Decca / MCA Records. All the Country and

Bluegrass Decca / MCA artists were required to record at Bradley's Barn.

Later in 1976, Vic began working at the Grand Ole Opry as a Sound Engineer. He remained at

the Opry for 24 years until 2000.

While working at the Barn studio and the Grand Ole Opry, Vic also taught a 3 year Recording

Studio Program at Nashville's Hillsboro High School. This program came under the Vocational

Department of the Davidson County Board of Education. At this time he worked with NARAS

(National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) and brought into the Recording Studio

Program NARAS new music education program, "Grammy in the Schools". However, in later

years when Vic retired from 28 years of teaching this program, the Board of Education

eliminated the Recording Studio Program. Originally, back in the mid 1970's, members of the

Nashville Music Industry and the Grand Ole Opry requested this Recording Studio Program be

developed by the Board of Education.

While working at the Barn Recording Studio in the early 1970's, Vic became Bill Monroe's

Recording Engineer. He remained with Bill as his Recording Engineer and later started

Producing Bill in the studio in 1993. Vic was his last Producer and was working with him when

he passed away with a stroke in September of 1996. When Bill's stroke occurred, it was just

right after he had come off stage from a March Friday night Opry performance. Ironically, at the

time Bill was on stage performing his last live performance, Vic was in the Opry House Control

Room mixing sound for Bill's Opry performance, which was also being broadcast live over WSM

Radio. Bill was taken to the hospital and remained there until his passing 6 months later on

September 9th, 1996. Vic had worked with Bill Monroe for the past 24 years. After Bill passed

away, Vic began Producing Jimmy Martin until Jimmy's passing in 2005. He then started

Producing Mac Wiseman until Mac's unexpected passing in 2019.

Vic's work now in a Nashville recording studio is confined to hopefully developing young Brayden

Williamson into a successful bluegrass artist. 

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